About Us

At Turquoise Kitchen & Bar we serve dishes originating from Turkey’s South Eastern Region.

The region has a huge diversity and fusion of cultures and cuisines from all over the world and the region is known as “Food Paradise”.

All our kebabs are grilled on real charcoal flames, tava dishes, lahmacun and bread in our wood fire oven.

Ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure that we are getting the best produce on the market every day. Our meat and poultry are halal with halal certification on display in the restaurant.

We have a passion about the sumptuous flavours and wide diversity of Turkish cuisine, with its Middle Eastern influences, reflected in delicious dishes such as traditionally cooked kebabs, tasty meze and sweet pastries such as Baklava.

We look forward to welcoming you for traditional Turkish dishes, freshly prepared and served by experienced staff.

About Mehmet Usta

Mehmet Usta originally from Gaziantep, Turkey, has a life-long love affair with using the finest ingredients for his signature range of meals and other meals in his delicious repertoire. When Mehmet usta was at the age of seven help his Father and Grandfather, whom are both popular Chefs, in preparing meals. It is here, young Mehmet Usta began to understand the importance and nutritional value that using good ingredients is the only way of creating good food and he first opened his restaurant when he was only 13 years old.

Mehmet Usta's Father and Grandfather taught him all the secrets of authentic Turkish cuisine that had taken them their lifetimes to learn and develop. He learnt how to create the national favoured desserts, Kunefe and Baklava. Mehmet Usta has remained faithful to his fundamental beliefs about good food, as such he is our top Chef whom has an exhilarating career in the restaurant business spanning more than 40 years and he was the owner of Anatolia Restaurant in Romania for 12 years serving the highly recognised TV artist/actors along with his neighbours. Mehmet has received widely recognized and prestigious Culinary Awards from Turkey and Romania. He enjoys a personal approach to training his chef’s and before they are allowed to work in his restaurants they have to go through a rugged training program hosted by him, the maestro. Successful Chefs have the accolade of working with Mehmet as he brings his Heritage brand of cooking for everyone to enjoy.

Now, in the Heart of West Bromwich, West Midlands, Mehmet has the pleasure of sharing his passion, joy and heritage with you – His Neighbours. Welcome, One And All.

About Us